Forms Comments

The Missouri Department of Revenue wants your comments on the following tax forms and schedule.

Individual Income Tax

Corporation Income and Franchise Tax

Please review the form(s) and schedule above. Enter your comments or suggestions regarding the content or design of the tax forms, schedule, or instructions, in the box below. Please include as much information as possible to direct us to the appropriate page of the form, schedule, or instructions. We do appreciate your feedback and will consider your comments as we revise our tax products. Comments must be received by October 7, 2011.

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Please provide any suggestions that can help the Department improve their forms, schedule, and instructions. Below are some things to consider when providing comments to the Department:

  • Does the form or schedule have a logical flow? If not, what changes can be made?
  • Does the form or schedule make clear what information is to be provided in the blanks? If not, what changes can be made?
  • Is there sufficient room for answers provided on the form or schedule? If not, which line(s) of the form or schedule need more room?
  • Are the instructions easy to follow? If not, what changes can be made?
  • Are the type-style, font, and layout visually pleasing and easy to read? If not, what changes can be made?
  • What other features about the form, schedule, or instructions don’t work well? What changes can be made?